Boatfittings & Fasteners

Our selection of Boatfitting and fasteners. Here you will find our casted brass boatfittings, turnbuttons, eyelets and various types of well-known fastening products.
We also offer YKK and Stamoid's product lines.

Boatfittings - diecast in brass with a chrome & nickel plating for a durable, strong and exclusive look.

Turbuttons & eyelets - Available in different heights, finishes and materials.
Our classic 6 mm turnbutton and oval eyelets with prongs are now also available in stainless steel (A2).

Fastening systems - Tenax, Tomax, Lift A Dot, Norwegian Buttons, Minax and Menax, etc.

Press studs - In stainless steel and brass, with options for different types of mounting solutions, such as extra long necks for thick material, stud with screw, stud with rivet for double layer assembly.

Boatcover Fabrics - Fabric, Weaves and Zippers - We sell Stamoid's range and YKK's products.

Aluminum tubes & profile - 18-22-25 mm, natural anodized 20microns. 

We also manufacture special items according to customer request,
from casted brass products to mass-produced parts in CNC lathes.
Please contact us for an offer.

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Material: Brass & Stainless Steel BS 304. Finishes: Nickelplated, Selfpolished Sta…
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