The solution for reinforcing a seam or binding two or more pieces of material together, Ossian's two part rivets (or Caps & Backs) "snap" and stay together during assembly.  Ossian Fasteners Two Part Rivet Blister Packs can be used with materials such as leather, canvas, textiles, paper, metal, plastic or a mixture of these and are ideal for leather goods, shoes, helmets, straps, clothing, DIY, etc, giving a good aesthetic to both sides of the finished product.

Base Material: Brass.
Standard Finishes: Polished self coloured brass, nickel plated and black oxydized.
Other finishes available on request, MOQ will apply.

These eyelets are also available as Blisterpacks HERE.

Each Blister contains complete sets of Caps & Tubalar Rivets with 1 Set of Closing Tools.

These are our standard Series and how they match
504-7 -> 505 Rivets
504-8 & 504-10 - 506 & 507 Rivets
508-13 -> 508 Rivets
509-13 -> 509 Rivets

504-7 T

A (cap Ø):  7,2mm B (length):  3,5mm Kgs/1000:  0,27kg …
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504-10 T

A (cap Ø):  10,5mm B (neck):  4mm Kgs/1000:  0,49kg …
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505-5 R

A (base):  7,3mm B (length Ø):  5,1mm Kgs/1000:  0,22kg …
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505-7 R

A (base):  7,1mm B (length Ø): 7mm Kgs/1000:  0,25kg …
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505-8 R

A (base):  8mm B (length Ø):  9,2mm Kgs/1000:  0,33kg …
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505-9 R

A (base):  7,9mm B (length Ø):  9mm Kgs/1000:  0,36kg …
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506-8 R

A (base Ø):  9,8mm B (length):  8,1mm Kgs/1000:  0,42kg …
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506-9 R

A (base Ø):  9,6mm B (length):  9,2mm Kgs/1000:  0,47kg …
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506-10 R

A (base Ø):  9,9mm B (length):  10,4mm Kgs/1000:  0,48kg …
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506-12 R

A (base Ø):  9,8mm B (length):  12,3mm Kgs/1000:  0,58kg …
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506-14 R

A (base Ø):  9,7mm B (length):  14mm Kgs/1000:  0,59kg …
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507-8 RD

A (bas Ø): 10,5mm B (längd): 7,1mm Kgs/1000: 0,58kg …
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508-13 T

A (cap Ø):  13,0mm B (length):  7,7mm Kgs/1000:  1,04 …
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508-17 R

A (length):  17,0mm B (base Ø):  12,5mm Kgs/1000:  1,27 …
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508-21 R

A (length):  21,0mm B (base Ø):  12,5mm Kgs/1000:  1,66 …
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509-13 T

A (cap Ø):  13,0mm B (length):  4,0mm Kgs/1000:  0,76 …
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509-11 R

A (length):  11,0mm B (base Ø):  12,5mm Kgs/1000:  0,50 …
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509-11 RD

A (length):  11,0mm B (base Ø):  13,0mm Kgs/1000:  0,97 …
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509-14 R

A (length):  14,0mm B (base Ø):  12,5mm Kgs/1000: 0,62 …
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509-14 RD

A (length):  14,0mm B (base Ø):  13,0mm Kgs/1000:  1,06 …
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