Our curtain eyelets are available in a variety of sizes and designs. 40mm is the most commonly used size.
The standard eyelet is made of brass with a plating treatment.
There are a wide range of finishes to choose from, polished brass, black oxide, matt black oxide, nickel, matt nickel, antique silver, antique brass, antique copper. We can also specially process according to customer needs, for example. Made clean copper colored eyelets with clear coat for a durable look.

The eyelet is closed with either a hand closing tool or a press machine.
For machinepresses the entry level is a manually operated press, and on the other side of the spectrum you can use a fully automatic press that feeds and sets eyelets
pneumaticly in one simple operation.

25 R

A (outer Ø): 43.9mm B (neck height): 10.6mm C (inner Ø): 25mm Kgs/1000: 9.5kg …
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30 R

A (outer Ø): 50.7mm B (neck height): 9.5mm C (inner Ø): 30mm Kgs/1000: 14.7kg …
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40 R

A (outer Ø): 62mm B (neck height): 12.4mm C (inner Ø): 40.5mm Kgs/1000: 17.7kg …
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