Fastening Solutions

Here you will find our fittings that can be used for your different fastening needs.

Examples of fastening products we have:

Turnbuttons & boatcover eyelets - We have produced turnbuttons and eyelets for over 40 years, the common sense and practical solution for boatcovers.
Available in different heights, materials and finishes.

Lift A Dot / Super Spot - The fitting that only comes off when lifted at the "Dot".

Menax -

Minax -

Norwegian Buttons - The quick simple solution for the boatcover, often used with a reinforcement in the cover with a small PVC triangle.

Screws - Stainless steel screws (A4), available in different variations and lenghts.

Tenax & Tomax - The Button locks over the ball counterpart, to remove the button, lift the top of the button,
There are options for different solutions and needs (Fabric/Fabric, Fabric/Wood Fabric/metal) and materials and finishes.

Press studs - Available in stainless steel (BS304 A2) and brass. 
Many options for different types of mounting solutions, such as long necks for thick materials, stud with screw/selftapping screw, 
stud with rivet for double bearing assembly. For best results, we recommend a assembly with a tool that gradually presses the snaps together.


A (length): 26mm B (width): 25mm C (gap): 7.5mm Weight:  19.7g …
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