Brass grommets and spur tooth washers are for use in open-weave fabrics, or when the material is under constant shear strain.
The eyelet has a re-enforced turnover rim, and the washer has extra spurs for a secure grip in the material.

Base Material: Brass
Standard Finishes: Polished self coloured brass or nickel plated.
Other plating available on request, MOQ may apply.

The eyelets are assembeled with a hand closing tool and a deadblow mallet or in a machine setup.
Conerning machines, the range available is from a manual operated machine to
 automatic feeding machines that can pierce and close the eyelet in one operation.


000 GR

A (outer Ø): 9,7mm B (neck height): 5,3mm C (inner Ø): 5,3mm Kgs/1000: 0,62 …
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00 GR

A (outer Ø): 14,0mm B (neck height): 5,5mm C (inner Ø) : 7,1mm Kgs/1000: 1,28 …
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0 GR

A (outer Ø):  17,4mm B (neck height):  6,4mm C (inner Ø) :  8,6mm Kgs/1000:  2,34 …
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1 GR

A (outer Ø):  19,8mm B (neck height):  7,6mm C (inner Ø) :  11,0mm Kgs/1000:  1,28 …
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2 GR

A (outer Ø):  23,1mm B (neck height):  8,6mm C (inner Ø) :  12,0mm Kgs/1000:  3,9 …
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3 GR

A (outer Ø):  25,1mm B (neck height):  9,3mm C (inner Ø) :  14,9mm Kgs/1000:  4,36 …
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4 GR

A (outer Ø):  28,4mm B (neck height):  10,1mm C (inner Ø) :  16,9mm Kgs/1000:  5,64 …
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5 GR

A (outer Ø):  34,7mm B (neck height):  11,1mm C (inner Ø) :  18,0mm Kgs/1000:  9,5 …
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6 GR

A (outer Ø):  39,5mm B (neck height):  12,7mm C (inner Ø) :  20,7mm Kgs/1000:  13,5 …
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7 GR

A (outer Ø):  44,3mm B (neck height):  13,3mm C (inner Ø) :  25,6mm Kgs/1000:  16,0 …
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8 GR

A (outer Ø): 47,3mm B (neck height): 15,8mm C (inner Ø): 28,5mm Kgs/1000:  20,5 …
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