Our selection of hooks and snaps suitable for many applications.
Available in a wide range of materials and finishes: Alumnium, Brass, Stainless steel, Steel, Zink.

Wire and simplexhooks - For various solutions, tents or other suspension.

Carbinehooks - Available In Stainless Steel (B316 A4) & Galvanized steel. Also available with locking function, loops etc.

Brass hooks - Massive brass hooks with snap function, perfect for leaches. Ages well with a rustic look

Zinc Hooks - From small key chains hooks to larger cast hooks.

Flat pressed & BGB-Hooks - We also have an excellent alternative for the Swedish BGB-Hook.

Carbinesnaphook Index

Material: Steel Finish: Galvanized Other finishes and sizes available on request, MO…
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Swedish Hook Index

Material:  Steel. Finish:  Zinc plated. Other finishes available on request, MOQ will …
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