Presses and Tools

Our selection of tools, presses and machines.
We can customize machines and tools to suit your specific requirement.

Handclosing Tools - These tools are custom-made. Each tool has been individually calibrated and tested to suit our specific brand of eyelets grommets and press fasteners. They will last for a minimum of 5000 settings.

Hollowpunches - We carry a wide range of hollow punches from 1-40mm dimension. They are extruded from steel blanks, then worked and sharpened for each specific size. As a final step they are hardened through heat treatment. We can also supply custom punches, in different shapes and dimensions. 

Presses, Machines & pliers - We can offer different presses to suit your specific needs. From manually operated presses to pneumatic machines.
We also have the world famous Pres-N-Snap pliers for press stud assembly. Customized insert for the 898 oval eyelet available.

Machinetools - Dies for machine presses, for cordclips, eyelets, rivets and more. We can customize to suit your specific solution. All tools are 
crafted, hardend and made to last. These are high quality tools that will last several thousands of operations. Standard thread, English 1/4'' 

Deadblow mallets & Cutting blocks - ​Ensures the best result possible when using handclosing tools and your choice of fastener. 
The deadblow mallet used with a cutting block will give your handclosing tools a long lifespan and be gentle on hands and joints when using them.