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3 GR

A (outer Ø): 25,1mm
B (neck height): 9,3mm
C (inner Ø) : 14,9mm
Kgs/1000: 4,36

Pack size: 250/1000pcs
Handclosing tool: 3 GR HV
Recommended hollowpunch: 4440-14 (Ø=14 mm)

Material: Brass
Finishes: Polished self coloured brass or nickel plated.
Other finishes available on request, MOQ will apply.

Suitable applications:

Brass grommets and spur tooth washers are for use in open-weave fabrics, or when the material is under constant shear strain.
The eyelet has a reinforced turnover rim, and the washer has extra spurs for a secure grip in the material.

The eyelets are assembled with a hand closing tool and a deadblow mallet, or in a machinepress.
Test the tools and eyelets to before final application to understand how they work.
When using a hand closing tool, make sure the punch and die are aligned and held straight. Gently start punching down with the mallet, gradually 
letting the neck of the grommet roll down. This will ensure a good result with a nice even rolled rim, locking the washer into place.

This Eyelet and washer is available in Stainless Steel, BS 316 A4 Standard.