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A (neck): 6.5mm
B (width): 14,2mm
Kgs/1000: 0.538kg

Available in lengths:


Pack size: 250 / 500 / 1000pcs
Recommended tools: 4435-1, 850 MV & 850 HV
Recommended hollowpunch: 4440-3 Ø=3mm
Base material: Stainless steel BS304, Heavy gauge brass
Finish: Selfpolished, nickel plated, black oxydized
Other finishes available on request, MOQ will apply.

Suitable applications:
The simple fastener solution, with an easy "snap on, pull off" action, the press stud (or durable) fastener has a heavy duty spring to limit the risk of unwanted detachment and is available with a complete range of terminations for all applications.  Commonly found on boat covers and canopies, car hoods, awnings, protective clothing and numerous other places.

Test the tools and snaps before final application to understand how they work together.
When using a hand closing tool, make sure the punch and die are aligned and held straight. Gently start punching down with the mallet, gradually 
letting the neck of the snapfasteners roll down onto its coutner part. This will ensure a good result with a nice even rolled rim, securing the snap fasteners into place.
For the best possible result we recommend using a press tool when assebling.

This item is available in blisterpacks

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