Nitar/Rörnit/Nit Underdel Mässing Rivet Brass 8mm 506-8 R M00.jpg
Nitar/Rörnit/Nit Underdel Svart Oxiderad Rivet Black Oxy 8mm 506-8 R M07.jpg
Nitar/Rörnit/Nit Underdel Mässing Rivet Brass Nickel 8mm 506-8 R M20.jpg

506-8 R

A (base Ø): 9,8mm
B (length): 8,1mm
Kgs/1000: 0,42kg

Used with caps: 
504-8 T
504-10 T 


Pack size: 1000/5000pcs
Machine closing tool: 505-10 MV
Recommended hollowpunch: 4440-3 (Ø=3mm)

Base Material: Brass.
Standard Finishes: Polished self coloured brass, nickel plated and black oxy.
Other finishes available on request, MOQ will apply.

Suitable applications:
The solution for reinforcing a seam or binding two or more pieces of material together,
Can be used with materials such as leather, canvas, textiles, paper, metal, plastic or a mixture of these and are ideal for leather goods, shoes, helmets, straps, clothing, DIY, etc, giving a good aesthetic to both sides of the finished product.

The two part rivets (or Caps & Backs) "snap" and stay together during assembly.  
Then pressed together with a machine press or conversion tool.