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Closing tool for eyelet: 6 GR

Weight: 1,070kg
Packaging: 1pc

Recommended holepunch: 4440-19 Ø=19mm
Recommended deadblow mallet: KG60

Material: Hardened steel

Suitable applications:
This tool is specificly designed and manufactured for our grommets.
It will be able to close about 7.000 grommets and washers if used correctly.

Using the tool:
Depending on the flexibility of the material you adapt the hollowpunch size, so that the grommet is squeezed into place.
Before you mount in your desired material, close a few trial grommets and washers to get an understanding how the tool and 
materials functions.

Make sure the punch and die are aligned and held straight. Gently start punching down with the mallet, gradually 
letting the neck of the grommet roll down. This will ensure a good result with a nice even rolled rim pressing against the washer.