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Öljetter/Självhålande/Självhålande Öljett Nickel Self Piercing 23 SP M20.jpg

23 SP

A (outer Ø): 16mm
B (neck height): 5,2mm
C (inner Ø): 8,3mm
Kgs/1000: 1,4kg

Pack size: 1000pcs
Machinectool: 23 SP MV
Material: Brass
Finishes: Polished self coloured brass and nickel plated.
Other finishes available on request, MOQ will apply.

Suitable applications:

A self piercing brass eyelet, used for reinforcement and to strengthen perforations.
Ideal for boat covers, canopies, sails, tarpaulins, camping equipment, awnings, upholstery, banners etc.
The neck of the eyelet is reinforced so that it pierces and sets in one operation, saving time and labour!

The eyelets are assembled with a specificly designed machinetool that's mounted in a machinepress.
Test the tools and eyelets to before final application to understand how they work.

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